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Galina Vassileva: Funds disbursed under OP on "Transport and transport infrastructure" so far are nearly 280 million BGN

30 November 2016 A+AA-

Funds disbursed  to the beneficiaries of OP on "Transport and transport infrastructure" so far are nearly 280 million BGN, said Galina Vassileva - Deputy Head of the Managing Authority of the program during the Sixth meeting of the Monitoring Committee of OPTTI 2014-2020. The event was held in the period 28 - 29 November in "Boyana" residence.

So far contracted funds are at the total amount of over 1.6 billion BGN, which represents 45% of the total resources of the program, said Vassileva. She pointed out that the approved funds from the European Commission are at the amount of 200 million BGN and by mid December will be submitted another report for about 74 million BGN. "These are very good results considering the complexity of the projects that we implement under the program", said Galina Vassileva in a summary of the financial performance of the program.

The Deputy Head of the Managing Authority said that in the first quarter of 2017 are expected to be submitted for approval the projects on "Rehabilitation of the railway section Plovdiv - Bourgas, Phase 2," "Modernization of the railway section Elin Pelin - Kostenetz", as well as the second phase of the extension of the third metro line. In the second quarter of 2017 will be submitted projects on the construction of Lot 3.1, Lot 3.3 and the “Zheleznitsa” tunnel of "Struma" Motorway and at the end of 2017 should be elaborated the final project for Lot 3.2 of the motorway through the Kresna Gorge. Eng. Vassileva said that any delay after these deadlines can be fatal for the successful implementation of the projects and may lead to the risk of losing funds. She reminded that only for "Struma" there will be no loss of funds and the started sections should be built at the expense of the state budget.

Galina Vassileva reported that under OPTTI are in progress projects on the construction of a third metro line Phase 1, on the modernization of traction substations Bourgas, Karnobat and Yambol and on the construction of Lot 3.1 and Lot 3.3 of "Struma" Motorway, as well as a project to improve the systems for navigation along the Danube River.

Eng. Vassileva informed that continue activities on the completion of the three railway projects funded under OPT 2007-2013, namely the rehabilitation of the railway sections Septemvri - Plovdiv (92% physical progress), Plovdiv - Bourgas (99%) and Parvomay - Svilengrad ( 96%). The bypass of the town of Gabrovo is another project that was not completed within the program period.

Within the Monitoring Committee the beneficiaries reported on the implementation of already launched projects, as well as on the progress in the preparation of other projects included in OPTTI 2014-2020.

Hristo Aleksiev, Chairman of the Board of Directors of SE "National Railway Infrastructure Company " said that in a few days is expected to be signed a contract for the design and construction of the railway section Straldzha - Tserkovski, which is part of Phase 2 of Plovdiv - Bourgas. He added that the application forms for the project on "Rehabilitation of the railway section Plovdiv - Bourgas, Phase 2" and the "Modernization of the railway section Elin Pelin - Kostenetz" are in the final phase of preparation and at the latest by early next year will be submitted for approval by the Managing authority of OPTTI.

The Chairman of the "Road Infrastructure" Agency Eng. Lazar Lazarov said that following long discussions with all stakeholders regarding Lot 3.2 of "Struma" Motorway is selected the option that includes a new way surrounding the Kresna Gorge for the traffic towards Greece and in the opposite direction the way shall coincide with the existing road. According to him, a tender on the elaboration of a conceptual design has already been announced.

Angel Dzhorgov, representative of "Metropolitan" EAD, reported on 15-20% progress on the implementation of Phase 1 of the construction of the third metro line. He said that early next year will also begin the implementation of Phase 2, which includes 4 new metro stations. According to him, in the spring of 2017 is expected to start the work of the boring machine, which is currently being transported from Germany to Bulgaria.

The meeting was attended by representatives of the Managing authority, the beneficiaries, the local and the executive authorities, NGOs, trade unions, experts from the European Commission and others.

Sixth Meeting of theMonitoring Committee 

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